Mens Road Racing News Somerset Road Club (SRC)

Men's Closed Circuit Racing 2016

Somerset road club will be running two Men's Closed Circuit Racing at Westpoint in the spring this year, the race dates are 6th March and the 23rd April 2016.

All Club members who race in these events will be able to claim a 50% rebate on there race entry fees. To qualify for this rebate you must enter and race on the day in both events.

We will also be looking for helpers to run the day and offer support and first aid for the day.

Men's & Women's double win

Thanks for all the supportive comments after tonight's race at Torbay, really excited to have my first win. The ladies race was a small field but had both Vikki Marsden and I from SRC together with ladies from bristol and MDCC. Although there were a few punchy attempts at a break we stayed as a group until the final lap where I broke and in the final straight sprinted away from 1 other for 1st, vikki did a fantastic job, confident throughout and right up there for a sprint finish against 2 team mates, she should be super proud.

In the 4ths who raced at the same time, Peter Flecken did an amazing job placing so well throughout the race but frustratingly got cut on one of the final corners-he may be able to add more as we raced concurrently.

In the other men's race Charlie Revell dominated in a break away group of 4 from very early on, Tim Southcombe and Ryan Vale also had a great chasing break and worked really hard, eventually being caught by the main group but conserved energy and finished so strong-unsure of exact placings but both top 10.....George clews also had a great race within the bunch. Charlie's outstanding sprint bought home a very satisfying SRC mens/women's double win!

Nicki Carr

SRC Racing

Some good riding by SRC today up at Bath... not quite sure of how Richard Woodward's race played out but I do know he took the win for a fantastic jump up into the 3rds... looking forward to racing with you a bit more! Best get entering some of the RR's! In the 2/3's race the wind caused havoc with lots of time spent 6-7 riders wide. Attacks came throughout but very little stuck. I tried to get away and took a good gap, It was never going to last solo though. Tim Southcombe and Adrian Reynolds both then fired attacks off the front in successive counter attacks however nothing stuck. 3 laps from the end Live 2 Ride managed to get Luke Nolan away and we got caught out. Too busy trying to move up the pack we couldn't also pull him back. None of the other teams had enough left in the tank to bridge back across. Our efforts were then hampered with 2 laps to go as Tim suffered with a flat rear. I pushed on through and made up good places to get into the last bend about 10th wheel, a quick sprint up the rise pulled that back to 4th in the sprint and 5th overall. Its proving a good series and those new to racing, looking to shake out the legs or the girls really should get up there from some 'pre-season' racing!

Writen By Charlie Revell