Time Trialling News Somerset Road Club (SRC)

End Of Year TT NEWS 2015

Our Club tt season saw, probably the largest number of rides ever with the club handicap series being keenly contested. Unfortunately the poor weather on the final evening forced the last club tt of the season to be cancelled.

Top 3 in our handicap series were (with 5 best rides to count)

1st. Laurence Douglas-Greene with a handicap adjusted average time of 19.50

2nd. Brian Clemenson, aged in his 70's!!, 20.42

3rd. Steve Potts (scratch) 21.23, a superb performance bearing in mind he was the 'scratch' rider.

Our Open TT on 8th Aug attracted over 70 riders, our best number for years, we had excellent feedback and comments .

Our Club 2up night proved extremely popular attracting approx 50 riders, many from other clubs, very enjoyable event, used the village hall which worked well.

Our very first Club h/climb was successful, attracting nearly 25 riders at Triscombe, many from SRC!!

We have 4 open events planned for 2016...

Sat 30.4.16 10m 2up 6.30pm Tim

Weds 22.6.16 10m 2up 7pm Tony Van Bergen

Sat 6.8.16 10m solo 7pm Victoria Whittlesea

Sun 11.9.16 Hillclimb 10am Gemma Waterjohns


Our 'Club' Time trials start on Wednesday 8th April 2015, commencing at 6.30pm and will continue (weather & traffic conditions permitting) on every Wednesday until 2nd September. The April events and the September event will start at 6.30pm and ALL other events will start at 7pm.

As these are 'Club' events you can simply turn up on the day, sign up and ride, however you MUST be a member of Somerset Road Club OR a member of any other club which is affiliated to Cycling Time Trials. If there is any doubt, I'm sorry, but you will not be permitted to ride.

The entry fees for these events will be 2 for SRC members and 4 for members of any other CTT club.

As, in previous years, there will be a handicap Championship for all SRC members which, hopefully will allow everyone a chance of competing for the cash awards on offer at the end of the season.

In order to qualify for the Handicap series, you must have ridden at least 3 Club' events last season. If you did, the 'average' of your 3 times have been used as your benchmark or 'handicap'. Don't worry if you didn't ride enough events last year because you can still qualify for the series this season but in order to do so you must ride at least three events this year in order to achieve an 'average' time. So, if you are new ,or just fancy having a go at the 'race of truth', simply get your three rides in as soon as you can. You will then have the remainder of the season to have a bash at the handicap series.

In order to qualify for a cash prize, your best FIVE rides will count.

The Committee have agreed cash prizes as follows :


Second 15

Third 10

I have checked last years results and have calculated the following handicaps. If you are a current member not showing on the list and you rode at least 3 Club TT's last year, please let me know and I will calculate you handicap.

Steve Potts SCRATCH Charlie Revell 12secs Danny Baker 13secs Mick Daniels 21secs Steuart Saunders 36secs Dan Wellings 48secs Adrian Reynolds 51 secs Darren Avery 1m 23secs Carl Guppy 1m 42secs Clive Franklin 2m 8secs Andy Wellings 2m 20secs Paul Snelling 2m 24secs Pete Flecken 2m 25secs K.Dickenson 5m 57secs Ben Porter 7m 40secs

So, to calculate your series 'qualifying' time for your ride you simply deduct your 'handicap' from your actual ride time !

The CLUB TT Championship will be held on Wednesday August 13th and this event is purely based on ACTUAL times.

Our OPEN TT is being held on Sunday 8th August.

The course for the Club TT will be the usual U21/10 (Cross - East Brent - Cross). Signing on will be in the car park just off the Axbridge by-pass and will commence approx. 30 mins prior to the start.

So, lot's of information here. If you are new to the club or just fancy having a go at time trialling please don't be afraid to ask questions. There are specific rules and regulations but once you've ridden one or two it really is quite easy......, and you really don't need any fancy bikes or kit, honestly !!

Just enjoy it.

Remember, any questions please ask, it's what I'm here for !!

Tim Reeves (Chairman/TT Sec)