The Kalas Online Shop is open until Saturday 15th February 2020.  This is your opportunity to order new club kit from our main provider. 

During this shop opening period the club is offering a 25% discount, subject to a maximum £150 worth of kit (£37.50 discount) in exchange for item(s) of old style club kit. 

Old style kit we hold and any suitable kit handed in will be provided to  “Team Africa Rising“.  This will help those less fortunate.

To qualify, please provide the old style club kit to our Clothing Secretary (contact him for his address).  Your name will then be added to a list of those qualifying for the refund.  The refund will be issued after your purchase and the kit has arrived.  The Kalas shop password is available from our Clothing Secretary.

The offer also applies to club clothing purchased through NoPinz, who can provide speedsuits and overshoes in club colours.

We should be added to the Club Nopinz Club Shop shortly, but until then please contact the Clothing Secretary for the further details.