Privacy Policy

Somerset Road Club takes protecting members privacy very seriously.  The club is committed to ensuring the information you provide to us is handled in a fair and lawful manner and only used for the purpose it was provided.

‘We’ and ‘the club’ in this policy refer to Somerset Road Club.

Information we hold

Your membership is managed through the British Cycling ‘Club Membership Manager’ and ‘Subscription Manager’.  British Cycling have their own Privacy Policy on how they handle your personal information.

Members will normally enter their personal details online when joining the club.  This information may be entered by the Membership Secretary in some circumstances.

You have the option to agree to your information being shared with other members as part of the membership process.  Where you agree to this, but subsequently wish to revoke it, please contact the Membership Secretary.

The following are examples of additional personal data which may be held.  We will only use the information for the purpose it was provided for and it will be destroyed / deleted when no longer required.

  • Parental Consent forms are required for members under 18 years old and will be held by the Membership Secretary.
  • Additional consent forms for riders under 18 year old are required for Club Time Trial events.  The Time Trial Secretary will hold these forms, along with the signing on sheets.

Keeping your information secure

Appropriate security measures are in place to prevent personal information from being used or accessed in an unauthorised way.   Access to your personal information is limited to those that have a genuine need to know.  The following club officials have access to the British Cycling membership database: Club Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer.

How long your personal information will be kept

Your details are retained on the British Cycling database under ‘Expired Club Members’ if your membership expires.  The Membership Secretary will periodically review lapsed members and remove them from the database.  Lapsed members details will normally be retained for at least one year; if you want your records deleting immediately, please contact the Membership Secretary.

Club Time Trial signing on sheets and Parental Consent forms will be held and retained in accordance with Cycling Time Trials GDPR Guidance (club events)

How we will contact you

Email contact will normally be through the British Cycling website’s Club Membership Manager.  Email logs are stored under the Club Membership Manager.  Emails sent to multiple recipients from the Club Membership Manager are sent as Blind Carbon Copy (BCC).

Social Media

As a club member your information may be shared on the club website, social media pages or in emails sent by the club. This data will only be shared in the event that either you are a club volunteer, have participated in a race or challenge event, have recorded a major achievement or been awarded a club trophy.  This data will be limited to your name, publicly captured photographs, race results (if applicable) and details of your achievement.  Limited further information about you may be included; for example, whether you have participated in a junior race or a women’s race.  The Welfare and Safeguarding page has further details on the use of photography.

The club has a Facebook Page and Group, Twitter account and Strava ‘Club’.  If you join or follow one of these, please note that these providers have their own privacy policies.

Contacting us

In the event of any query or complaint in connection with the information we hold or disclose about you, in the first instance please email the Membership Secretary.

Changes to this policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time.  For significant changes, we will endeavour to give
you reasonable notice. 

This Privacy Policy was published on 1 April 2020.