Strava Segment Challenge 2019

We are hosting a monthly Segment Challenge for the first time this year. Over a period of 8 months from March to October riders will be facing a mix of flat, rolling and climbing stages to test themselves.

Each month a new segment will be released with the simple aim for club members to produce the fastest time possible, while riding safely. 

The website will be updated with results at the end of each month.  Live results during the month can be found on Strava (PC or laptop only) by selecting the segment and then ‘Somerset Road Club Members’ under ‘My Clubs’ to display members times, then change the display period to ‘This Month’.

Point Scoring:

A members position in the stage leaderboard at the end of the stage contributes to their overall point scoring.

The overall winner (male and female) is determined by whoever accumulates the most points by the end of the challenge.

We will try and provide a mix of flat, undulating and climbing challenges over the 8 months, readily accessible from both Taunton and Bridgwater.

Points will be awarded to the top 10 male and female placings as follows 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Challenge Guidance and Rules:

The challenge is open to club member who have joined the ‘Somerset Road Club members’ Strava Club.

You may ride the segment as may times as you like during the month.

All bikes are allowed with the exception of TT bikes, bikes with aero bar extensions and e-bikes.

You can ride the segment solo or within an SRC organised club ride. By all means ride to the segment with others, however unless it’s an SRC organised club ride, please leave a time gap between yourself and other riders.

Enjoy riding the segments, but do so safety and don’t take any unnecessary risks. As always, show due consideration and respect to other road users.


Rank Men Points
1 Darren Webb (SRC/PSUK) 15
2 Andy Winterbottom 12
3 Ed Leach 10
4 Hugh Ball 8
Rank Women Points
1 Lisa Chapman 15

Stage 1 March: Durleigh to Lydeard Hill CP

Rank Name Date Speed HR Power Points Time


Darren Webb (SRC/PSUK) Mar 11, 2019 16.5mi/h 165bpm 343W Powermeter 15 23:55
2 Andy Winterbottom Mar 19, 2019 14.0mi/h 219W 12 28:19
3 Ed Leach Mar 23, 2019 12.8mi/h 184bpm 202W 10 30:54
4 Hugh Ball Mar 23, 2019 12.6mi/h 160bpm 184W Powermeter 8 31:28
5 Lisa Chapman Mar 29, 2019 12.0mi/h 163bpm 174W 15 32:56

Stage 2 April: Corfe Hill

This month’s challenge is another climb.  This time the 2.2 mile Corfe Hill segment, starting south of Corfe village and finishing at the crossroads at the top of the climb.  Our club member Lucy Driver is currently the QOM, which she set in 2017 with a time of 11:12.

Stage 1 March: Durleigh to Lydeard Hill CP